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At BSI, we recruit the most talented and dynamic people who are keen to explore their passion and interest and make an impactful contribution to the company’s growth.We trust that each employee has unique strengths that could be tailored and utilized for the company’s success. At the same time, we also learn, grow, and share.

Learning and Growing

We embrace the learning culture for our employees. To perform well in this competitive environment, we must keep ourselves up to date with new knowledge and skills. Therefore, the company encourage and heavily invests in our people, ensuring that they can thrive.

Sharing and Caring

We work as a team and help each other to unleash their full potential. More importantly, we support each other during the most challenging time. We help each other learn and grow. We share happiness when our induvial members achieve their work. We believe that this caring spirit will help us thrive and succeed together.

Diversity and Inclusion

At BSI, we truly acknowledge individual strengths and uniqueness, and at the same time, we accept differences among our employees. More importantly, our workplace culture is fully inclusive, so we have a good representation of women in the management team, and we offer an inclusive environment for LGBT. We commit to giving everyone a fair opportunity. We believe that only when we have a diverse team and an inclusive work environment, we will be able to sustainably grow stronger and bigger.

Performance and Rewards

We support outstanding performers. Therefore, we have a strong, rewarding mechanism for our employees. They may rest assured that what they have put into our company will be rewarded accordingly. Therefore, our employees could concentrate on accomplishing their work and realizing their targets.

Job Vacancy

BSI is looking for interest Candidate to join our BSI Family in the following Position:

LOCATION: Phnom Penh
SALARY: US$500-750

 Senior Inventory and Stock Control works with Manager to properly implement the warehouse and inventory controls of BSI products, equipment/machines, and spare parts. He/she also coordinates with the relevant Team members to ensure proper receiving, transferring and dispatching of products, equipment/machines, and spare parts. 

He/she works on and supports Inventory and Stock Manager to produce product forecast report and to review and set the minimum reorder points. 

Supervise daily activities of warehouse to ensure safe and efficient storage and goods distribution to customers, and ensures the packing, delivery & returned product(s), and relevant documents are delivered correctly and on-time to customer(s). 


Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Assigns the lots number to the product, prints and sticks the barcode label generated from the ERP system on the product(s)/packaging of the product(s) before placing into its lots and location
  • Coordinates with individual sales team to replenish the consumable/routines and machine or equipment
  • Monitors Stock Coordinator to work with sales team to rotates all goods, equipment, and spare parts across different company’s locations, and to record those product(s) moves ensuring that all the rotations meet the accounting standards
  • Ensures and records expiry date of the incoming chemical/medical products before placing the product into the locations and ensures that they will be used before expiration date (FEFO)
  • Ensures the First in First Out (FIFO) removal strategy on the product(s)
  • Collects products financial categories, expected delivery date, and storage requirements of the incoming products from Sales Team
  • Receives, counts, and verifies incoming product(s) by comparing the actual products received against three documents
  • Ensures Stock Controller has the Packing List that is generally attached to the product package
  • Produces and review the counting slip report by using the Inventory Counting Slip Report Model sourcing data from actual product(s) information and/or from ERP
  • Reviews and classifies and places the products and equipment by its correct lots number and locations
  • Ensures the defect product(s) (the broken, wrong item name, reference code of the consumable/routine and/or machines or equipment) are placed in the Quality Check Location (QCL)
  • Works out and supports staff to work with Tech Support Team to check for the working condition of machines or equipment before storing it back
  • Reviews and approves the prepared defect product(s) reports before sending them to the sales team
  • Follows up and gets Sales team’s feedback on the report of the defect product(s) after the completion of the product(s) quality check
  • Ensures stock out of the product(s) based on the delivery note manually compiled/generated from the ERP system according to the expected delivery date
  • Reviews and stocks out the project product(s) by using the Non-System Standardized Delivery Note
  • Ensures and works with sales team and accounting team to re-stocks the returns the product(s) from customers
  • Works with sales team, admin and logistics team to validate the received of the product(s) and to confirm the dropship of the product(s) to the customers via the ERP system and manually
  • Ensures that the operation of the warehouse carts, pallet jack and other warehouse equipment in a professional and safe manner
  • Works with Inventory and Stock Manager in the maintenance of the interior and exterior of the warehouse(s)
  • Responsible for keeping both warehouses clean and organized to company standards
  • Ensures the Inventory and Stock Team provide the supports to Product Delivery Team in loading and unloading goods and equipment
  • Observes and abides by all company policies and safety regulations
  • Works with Stock Coordinator to generates and reconciles different inventory reports manually/ or from the ERP system and others report documents to create consolidated monthly report.
  • Performs other duties as assigned time to time.

Qualification and Experience Requirement:

  • Obtaining bachelor, associated degree, or any equivalent vocational training diploma
  • Having ability to operate personal computer and knowledge of spreadsheet (g. MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Be familiar with ERP system and/or database application
  • Be good at communication and customer service skills
  • Having excellent problem-solving skills
  • Be responsible person and be pro-active
  • Be honest attitude and being reliable
  • Having English proficiency is an advantage
  • Be able to support the operation of hand tools or machine to load and upload product(s)
  • Be well-organised filling and document records
  • Be able to work as a team
  • Respecting the internal regulations
  • Confidentiality and discreet management of information is a must.

Interest Candidate, please submit your ‘Cover Letter and CV’ to:

Telephone: 023 90 20 88/ 010755678
Closing Date: May 27th, 2022
Office Address: #178E0&E1, Street 1972, Sangkat Phnom Penh Thmey, Khan Sen Sok, Phnom Penh City, Cambodia.

Our team consists of many talented and dynamic people from various backgrounds who have similar passions and interests, which is to make an impactful contribution to society by offering scientific and technical instruments to improve people’s lives.   

At BSI, we uphold strong believe and trust in all over employee to play their part in bringing the company to higher level of success. In doing so we uphold four working cultures: 

  • Learning and growing 
  • Sharing and caring 
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Performance and Rewards 

BSI is a registered private limited company and a high-standard company.Therefore, in addition to a competitive salary scheme and structure, our employees also receive the other social benefits scheme such as NSSF and Pension Fund.

Our employees may rest assured that what they put into our company will be rewarded accordingly.